Classroom Behavior


Charts & IEP Compliance

BEST SELLER!! Stand-Alone, Editable Behavior Chart

Track daily behavior goals identified on student IEP's! Broken down into tasks, behaviors can be tallied into task points. This practical data gathering resource will allow you to implement individualized behavior goals during specified tasks and collect data on progress. (example: Task column – Math lesson ----- Behavior row – I will raise my hand before speaking out)


This behavior chart comes in three different forms in this pack:

  1. Editable PDF version

  2. Non-editable version

  3. PowerPoint Template

Classroom Behavior Management System, Highly Visual - Multiple Tools

For Pre-k, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. This highly visual, data driven, student-centered system is designed to help students take ownership in their day-to-day behavior. Students color in their own daily behavior face and stay engaged on where they stand in the classroom regarding their behavior with the Behavioral Clip-Stick. At the end of the week you can collect the sheets and annotate the data on the Behavioral Data Tracking Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet auto-calculates and gives you immediate information on aggregated behavior data and week-by-week.


What's Included?

  • Weekly Behavior Chart. A fillable .PDF printable you can prep for weeks in advance. Your students color in their days behavior.

  • Behavioral Data Tracking Spreadsheet. Auto-calculates all the data you collect about your students behavior.

  • Classroom Behavioral Clip-Stick Instructions. Build your own Clip-Stick with these instructions and have a highly effective visual representation for your students.

  • Quick Start Guide. Explains how everything works together to create the system to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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