Have you ever needed to customize your clip art? This bundle includes over 300 individual images allowing you to customize hair, clothes, shoes, faces, skin tone, and even the position of arms of your clip art kids. It's like digital version of dolls, but printable for your classroom. Pose arms on bulletin boards, worksheets, on your projector - moving the hands to point to the next activity for the day - the possibilities are crazy.


This pack contains both .png images for general use and vector images that give you complete control over how big you need the images to be with limited distortion. Images are optimized for use with PowerPoint.


REMINDER - Use the Enhanced Windows Metafile (.emf) vector images to make larger, cleaner images.

Other Uses

Use the vector files to print out full page images. Then have your kids cut them out and make people. You could even use a hole punch and round head fasteners so your learners can move the Grey Sleeve Kids arms around.

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