Integrated Worksheets

Math, Tech, and ELA

Follow the Code. Reveal the Word.

Follow the code and reveal the word! Your learners will count arrows, transfer data, and use basic coding skills to make sight words appear on a grid sheet. The Controller Code Words Worksheet Series helps your students develop a STEM mindset using an XBox controller to decode 1 sight word per worksheet.

Worksheets will prove challenging to learners up to third grade (possibly 4th as well), yet the words may be a review.


Whats included:


  • 52 Coding Worksheets in Pack 1 with 52 Answer Keys (104 pages with interactive table of contents).

  • 41 Coding Worksheets in Pack 2 with 41 Answer Keys (82 pages with interactive table of contents).

  • Each Pack Includes: 3 Videos - 2 Lesson Models for completing the worksheet with a 1 and 1/2 minute breakdown and a slow version lasting over 5 minutes as well as the "How It Works" video so you know how to effectively teach the concepts.

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