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This can help you tackle integrated learning in your classroom.

Unfortunately, life doesn't separate things up into nice and tidy subjects for us to navigate through. Many times, we have to solve daily problems based on the accumulation of our knowledge. This worksheets series may help you get on the right path to teaching elementary kiddos using an integrated approach.

It's pretty standard knowledge that kids like video games more than school work. As teachers even, most of these our students could probably work-us over in most of the games on the market regardless of whether or not the game is "age-appropriate."

Based around the XBox® Controller

The layout of the XBox® Controller provides the decoding key. Remember the cheat codes you used to use on all your favorite old school games?

Up, down, left, right, A + Start. This was a Sonic The Hedgehog™ cheat code back in the day and the worksheets work similarly to this concept.

Coding, Math, and Sight Word Skills

Coding is already a huge deal in terms of skill sets to be developed. This worksheet series allows students to begin getting those skills without the use of a computer. Kids use the controller to decode while following separate strings of code. Learners counting how many arrows are in each line and transfer the data they've collected from the code into a block to color. The the Y, X, A, and B buttons signal the student to take an action.

Follow the code, reveal the word

Following the lines of code will reveal a sight word. If done incorrectly, the word will be difficult to figure out.

Students will reveal a sight word after following all the lines of code on the worksheet.

The Deets...

There are three different ways you can find what we call the "Controller Code Words" worksheet series. Check them out below:

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