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Use this worksheet to help develop creative thinking in elementary school.

What we call the "Creative Ignition" worksheet series helps spark imagination and creativity while tackling writing skills for an all-inclusive exploration of fun for Kindergarten to Second Grade!

Learners will start at the writing prompt, develop ideas to finish the sentence with their own short paragraph, and draw out what the short story they've come up with.

The trick is that the worksheets have pre-drawn lines and shapes on them so students will work through something as unique as only they can see it.

Completely blank pages are also in this pack just in case you'd rather go completely from scratch. The pack includes a total of 37 per-marked and 37 blank pages.

This pack also includes 6 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) worksheets for students to work though if needed. As normal, the editable templates in .PDF and PowerPoint are also included.

Check it out by clicking this link!!

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