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In 2016, the Different Avenues, Ltd. Company was started in a small Ohio town. Our flagship system of learning how letters come together to create words is now used across the world. Now, the Different Avenues product catalog is full of unique teaching resources for elementary school.

What do you do when you see a student having difficulties with putting letters together to make words? As parents of a child on the Autism spectrum and one parent being a special educator; the problem and solution seemed pretty clear.

Adapting Methodology

Getting back to the basics is the core process of the sight word building videos. Every video splits a single word apart and rebuilds the word, letter-by-letter.

There were several video-based strategies that were available to us (and everyone) throughout the process of developing a method to help our son. There was/is/has been Word World™, Brainy Baby®, the Rock N' Learn® series and let us not forget about the incredible LeapFrog® movies about letters and words. I specifically remember one video series for sight words (and word development in general) that made something like a cloud around the outside of a word. Then the letters disappeared and kids would guess what word was in there based on the shape of the word. After looking through the entire house, I still couldn't find it. Even though these resources were/are still good, they are difficult to use as a teacher. For one, they are long videos which may take up too much time throughout the day. Second, they are loud. Loud not in terms of sound, rather, but as in these movies/videos have a lot going on in them. They have sounds, colors, story lines, dialogue outside the core material, etc. Our experience is that these movies and videos would capture attention, but recalling the academic take-away was difficult. Whether a child is on the Autism spectrum, has dyslexia, or is a typical learner each child must learn to put letters together to make words. Starting with a letter on the left and building the word based on that beginning letter. Sight words, being a little more tricky, not being able to be sounded out can be even more difficult. In the end, these other methods for video-based learning were distilled down to short, powerful videos no more than 1 minute and 35 seconds long. Each word needed to be it's own video file and videos must have the ability to be played on nearly all devices. So, we created the sight word building videos.

Sight Word Building Videos

We came up with 256 total videos covering the first 300 Fry Words minus one letter words. Each video begins with the sight word, splits it apart, and rebuilds the word letter-by-letter in under 1 minutes and 35 seconds. Letters and motion arrows are color-coded to allow multiple points of reference. Multiple points of reference became a necessity because many developing learners have difficulty distinguishing between what letters look like, but can still do very well with color recognition. From a teaching perspective, the educator can say something like "find the red letter" and that stream of communication can become easier.

From videos to worksheets and more

The videos were great and started getting used all over the world. We wanted to share more of our unique tools for learners who look at things a little differently.

The videos were our core concern for some time and as their use began to pick up, we started branching out into other methods that provide a unique perspective for unique learners. This led to non-IEP specific and IEP specific behavior tools, social emotional learning resources, writing resources, STEM worksheets, and even clip-art.

We're glad you found us

The rest, as they say... is history. Our goal is to provide you with the most unique and impactful resources so that you can reach every student in their own special way. We hope that you find something in our 290+ product inventory that can help you in your teaching journey from the home to the classroom.

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