Sight Word

Differentiation & Intervention

A student in your class or special education caseload, at some point this year, will have difficulty putting letters together in order to make the weeks sight words. These packs allows you to pull out your phone, tablet, or hit play on a computer where any of the 256 videos will immediately provide a powerful visual aid in under 1 minute and 35 seconds to help get your learner on track. This massive resource is perfect for the general education classroom, resource rooms, special educators, and intervention specialists.


Printable Material includes over 200 pages of printable letter tiles used in the videos (color coordinated), arrows, and boxes. There are traceable letters and color-in letters, so your students can practice writing and coloring in addition to cut & paste. Printable flash cards with .pdf fillable flashcard template to input your own words are also included.


There are 256 total videos that build sight words. Each video begins with the sight word, splits it apart, and rebuilds the word letter-by-letter in under 1 minutes and 35 seconds. Letters and motion arrows are color-coded to allow multiple points of reference if your learner is still working on letter recognition. Videos are sound free and are .MP4 video files that play on nearly all devices.

PowerPoint templates with instructions for 2, 3, 4, and 5 letter words so you can make your own video (or slideshow) with different words than included in this pack. If you’re handy with PowerPoint, you can also use the slideshow as an interactive tool on your smart board.

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